The following outlines the process an individual must go through in becoming a Class A Member of the PGA Canada.
 APPLICATION       >>>          CANDIDATE FOR MEMBERSHIP      >>>            
Step 1 Apply
All individuals must register themselves using the online Application Form at www.pgaofcanada.comThe Application Fee is $254.25
Please note: The minimum age requirement for all Applicants is 18 years of age or older at the time of the application.  The minimum education requirement is for all Applicants to possess a High School Diploma or equivalent.
Step 2 Background Check
All applicants must complete the online Orientation and Background Check at The Background Check Fee is TBA
 Please note: It is the applicant's responsibility to complete the independent background check process in its entirety  Steps to completing the Background Check will be provided.

Step 3 Playing Ability Test
The Applicant will receive immediate notification from the PGA of Canada regarding the status of their application.  Once it has been approved, the Applicant will then be required to register for the Playing Ability Test.  The Playing Ability Test Fee is $169.50 per attempt 

Step 4 Payment of Dues
Within thirty days of successfully completing the Playing Ability Test, the Applicant will be required to submit their signed application for Membership along with their dues for the balance of the year.  The 2018 Annual Dues Fee is TBD.

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