Nomination Form

Objective of the PGA of Ontario Golf Hall of Fame

  • To create a fair formula for members and friends of the Association to be presented for consideration into the PGA of Ontario Hall of Fame.
  • To provide an environment where interested parties can enjoy recounting the career accomplishments, lifetime memories, personal successes, historical occurrences, days gone by and past events at a minimum of cost both to the Association and patrons.
  • It is a place where inductees are honored for outstanding achievements, performance excellence, distinctive contributions and superior effort.
  • The PGA of Ontario Hall of Fame is readily and easily accessible to all parties in the Golf Community and acts as a constant, reliable source of recorded history.  


  • Open to PGA of Ontario members who have earned the minimum membership category of
  • Class A and are in good standing.
  • Any current member of the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame.
  • Any current member of the Ontario Golf Hall of Fame or PGA of Canada zone equivalent.


  • Golf Professional – to include an overall career of distinguished service to his/her Club, to the PGA of Ontario and to the general Golf Community as an exemplary role model for other Professionals and Amateurs including Juniors. For having established a standard of excellence in the golf profession to the highest level; a member who has added exceptional value to the PGA of Ontario and the Golf Community.
  • Teacher – to honour a teacher of golf who has provided a quality of instruction that has influenced his/her students to attain enjoyment, competitive excellence and/or improvement to their quality of play. A person, who has developed teaching methods, technological advancement and/or progressive innovations to the highest levels of accomplishment.  
  • Player – to include any and all Championships (male or female) equal or greater in competitive value to the PGA of Ontario Spring Open, Zone Championship, Fall Classic, Assistants’ Championship, Women’s Championship, Seniors Championship, or Player of the Year Championship. A player should be able to demonstrate a significant level of performance with victory or consistently high placements.
  • Builder – to recognize those who have: built (constructed), renovated and/or managed/owned a Golf Facility, contributed to the careers of other Golf Professionals and the development of programs (Juniors, new golfers etc.) in the growth of the game of golf.
  • Career recognition – could apply to applicants with careers prior to 1950. NOTE: The date of 1950 is selected as an historical point where confirmation of information becomes more difficult. Therefore, a nominated person’s career accomplishments may rely more on reputation or historical documentation.
  • Contributor – served on the Board of Directors, implemented action plans to grow the game and added significant benefit to the PGA of Ontario.
  • Philanthropic – a PGA of Ontario member who has made significant financial or gift-in-kind contributions to the PGA of Ontario.
  • Media – a PGA of Ontario member who has made recognizable contributions to benefit the PGA of Ontario by reporting accomplishments, activities and/or events of its members and professional golf in Ontario in general, adding significant benefit to the PGA of Ontario.

NOTE:  All inductees are to be considered as equal members of the Hall of Fame unless the Board of Directors determines a Nomination to be of such superior excellence that they deserve a special form of recognition. Therefore, inductions will be based on the criteria listed under the various categories (listed above) and the exceptional performance and/or efforts put forth to achieve them. No category is assigned any more or less value than another and nominees might present a high level of accomplishment in several categories but once inducted they are equal in their position as a ‘member’ of the Hall of Fame. The categories are listed to provide a guide for The Board of Directors, The Selection Committee, The Nominator, The Nominee and all concerned parties. Nominations are not limited to any one category but may include facets of multiple categories.

Submission Process

  • Must have at least one nominating signature accompanied by a supporting letter from the nominator who is a PGA of Ontario Class A member.
  • Must have at least one nominating second signature accompanied by a supporting letter from the second who is a minimum of 21 years of age and is not an immediate family member.
  • An accurate list of career accomplishments, tournament victories or placements including dates.
    This should be a career outline documenting the reasons the Nominator and Second consider the Nominee to be worthy of induction. Please see the ‘Categories List’ under “Qualifications” for guidance. Please NOTE: The Chair of the Selection Committee is available to help facilitate the nomination but must not influence, manipulate or in any way sway the Selection Committee to favour any nomination.
  • The supporting letters from the nominator and the second must serve to substantiate information provided in the list of career accomplishments. In the event neither can provide such substantiation, letters from other parties may be provided if they are used to document specific accomplishments of the Nominee. These letters are not character references. The total number of support letters is not to exceed 6.
  • Nominators may include any/all (written or otherwise) material they feel will enlighten the Selection Committee to the accomplishments of the Nominee. All materials submitted become the property of the PGA of Ontario.
  • Must include a recent black & white photograph that is electronically transferable.
  • Nominations must be received by the PGA of Ontario Office at the close of business on or before the last Friday before May 1st.

Attn:    Ms. Melanie van der Hoop
PGA of Ontario Hall of Fame
10080 Kennedy Rd, Blue House
Markham, ON
L6C 1N9