The Process

The Selection Committee

The Board of Directors should appoint a Selection Committee to consist of:

  • A Non-voting Chair - Past President of the PGA of Ontario, Honourary Director or a Board appointed official reporting through the Executive Director of the PGA of Ontario to the Board of Directors
  • 8 Core Representatives (each having a minimum of 10 years service as a Class A Member of the PGA of Ontario)
  • Two members who have had a strong career in Teaching
  • Two members who are accomplished Tournament Players
  • Two members who have had strong careers as Head Professionals
  • Two members who have either owned or served as GM at a Golf Club                
  • 4 Members at Large
    • Master/Class A/Retired or Life members of the PGA of Ontario who are not currently serving on the Board of Directors.
    • Members who have served a minimum total (lifetime) of one full term (one year) on the PGA of Ontario Board of Directors
    • Or, have a minimum of 10 years experience and acquired a high degree of career accomplishment in the Golf Industry

Application Process

  • Nominations must be submitted no later than May 1st on any given year.
  • Upon submission, nominations will be reviewed by the Chair for accuracy, errors, omissions, correct signatures and support materials. Any corrections, additions or material/documents required will be reported to the Nominator for action. The Chair is to facilitate the nomination process to ensure the Nominee is presented in the most fair, equitable and positive manner without showing favouritism.
  • Through an established protocol of required qualifications, supported by an outline of subject matter posed for discussion by ‘work sheets,’ the Selection Committee will accept and review nominations of presented applicants on an annual basis.
  • Applications will be examined for merit, standard of excellence, distinctive service, and outstanding contributions.

NOTE: There is no annual limit (minimum or maximum) on the number of inductees.  

The Initial Scoring System

  • Each Committee Member will score their assessment/evaluation, return their work sheets to The Chair by June 15th and make a recommendation to the Chair as to the validity of the Nomination.
  • All nominations and supporting work sheets will be reviewed by all 12 members of the Selection Committee.
  • An assessed/evaluated nomination requires 7 of 12 votes to proceed.
  • The Committee as a ‘half’ shall meet prior to August 15th using new worksheets, the material presented by the nominator, any research information available, all letters of support and any information that might assist the Committee to discuss the merits of all nominations presented in that year.
  • Upon a vote by the Committee a nomination requires 5 of 6 votes for induction.
  • ALL materials made available to the Committee regardless of source and including the worksheets used during the discussion must be kept by the Chair and upon request be made available to the nominator. At no time should any of these materials indicate/identify a position or vote of a Committee Member.

The Final Scoring System

  • The final submission to the PGA of Ontario Board of Directors should include a list of the recommended nominees.
  • The PGA of Ontario Board of Directors should review all materials for errors, omissions and fairness of process.
  • After thorough consideration, the PGA of Ontario Board of Directors casts their votes for final approval and acceptance/denial.
  • Final approval by the Board should occur as soon as possible following the August 15th   recommendation and the nominees notified immediately including notice to the membership and the general public via a Press Release to the media.
  • Nominations should be made annually and NO nominations would remain for future consideration. In other words, no nominations will be ‘banked’.
  • There is no limitation on the number of times/years a candidate may be nominated.


Following endorsement by the PGA of Ontario Board of Directors the inductee, the nominator and the second should be notified immediately by telephone and confirmed by a letter from the President. Further, a letter from the President should be sent to unsuccessful nominees explaining the nominee may reapply for consideration in the future. Should the nominator make a request (in writing) he/she will be provided with an opportunity to review the worksheets under the supervision of the Chair.


An official induction ceremony should take place at the discretion of the Board of Directors, in conjunction with the Annual PGA of Ontario Awards Presentation normally held in the Fall.

The Hall of Fame:

The actual physical part of the Hall of Fame will be a web page on the internet. It will contain a photo supplied by the inductee and a basic outline of his/her qualifications/accomplishments of no more than 200 words. Every inductee then has a place following these called ‘About Me: By Me’ where they can write any additional information about themselves:  their career, accomplishments, thoughts, memories and historical recollections. There should a maximum based solely on available space. Further, there should be a place called ‘About the Inductee: Things I Remember’. It too is only limited by available space and is a place where any person can write their memories, recollections, etc. about events, tournaments, activities, actions, situations, meetings, get-togethers etc. about the inductee and/or concerning the inductee. These contributions should be sent to the PGA of Ontario Office staff for moderation. Upon acceptance they will be posted in conjunction with the page dedicated to the inductee.

PGA of Ontario members ONLY can be elected into the Hall of Fame.