Application Criteria


Welcome to the process for nominating a PGA of Ontario member who you feel qualifies for consideration of induction into the PGA of Ontario Hall of Fame. 

Below outlines how the PGA of Ontario Hall of Fame Committee oversees and conducts the affairs of the selection process, its meaning, its responsibilities and how it operates to attain the final goal of identifying our most honoured members, how we cherish and protect the highest levels of accomplishment, outstanding achievements and value acts of superior distinction. From it you will be apprised of the formula applied to every nomination to ensure the utmost in equal and fair consideration plus the care given to respect every nominee regardless of their induction or not.

Application Criteria

  • Nominations for the PGA of Ontario Hall of Fame will be accepted from July 1 and must be received at the Head Office of the PGA of Ontario no later than October 1st, 11:59 PM EST of the current year.
  • Upon submission, nominations will be reviewed by the Chair of the Hall of Fame Committee for accuracy, errors, omissions, correct signatures, and support materials. Any corrections, additions or material/documents required will be reported to the Nominator for action. The Chair of the Hall of Fame Committee is to facilitate the nomination process to ensure the Nominee is presented in the most fair, equitable and positive manner without showing favouritism. It should be noted, a Nomination shall not be rejected because of a poor presentation. The Nominee’s lifetime body of work will be the deciding factor. However, it is not the responsibility of the Chair to write a nomination or collect information, only to advise/facilitate the Nominator of the need to fulfil the requirements to best present a nominee’s achievements.
  • Through an established protocol of required qualifications, supported by an outline of subject matter posed for discussion by 'work sheets,' the Hall of Fame Committee will accept and review nominations of presented applicants on an annual basis.
  • Applications will be examined for merit, standard of excellence, distinctive service, and outstanding contributions.


  1. There is no annual limit (minimum or maximum) on the number of Nominees to be inducted.
  2. There is no limit on the number of years/times a candidate may be nominated.
  3. Nominations should be made annually and NO nominations will remain for future consideration. In other words, no nominations will be ‘banked’ or ‘carried forward’.
  • Nominators or representatives of a nominee may not contact any Hall of Fame Committee Member regarding the nomination. ANY effort to do so will result in disqualification. The sole exception being the Chair of the Hall of Fame Committee who is acting as an advisor. 

  • All communications, discussion and/or information will be with the Nominator and the Chair of the Committee only and held in strict confidence. Any attempt to influence the Nomination Committee, Selection Committee, the Chair, PGA of Ontario staff or the Board of Directors will result in immediate disqualification until the Board of Directors allows a new nomination for the offending candidate to be presented.

  • Under normal circumstances, the Induction Ceremony will be part of the Annual PGA of Ontario Awards Ceremony.
  • Nominations must be received by at the offices of the PGA of Ontario either electronically ( or by regular post at:

PGA of Ontario
Hall of Fame Committee
10080 Kennedy Rd, Blue House
Markham, Ontario
L6C 1N9