Improvement to the IPM Program in Ontario!

Improvement to the IPM Program in Ontario!

CHANGES TO ON Reg. 63/09 – Removal of Public Meeting Component

In such unprecedented times as these, it is nice to be able to deliver some good news.  The required public meeting component has been removed from O. Reg. 63/09.

This comes after a great deal of work by Ontario’s We Are Golf partners (including OGSA, NGCOA Canada, CSCM-ON, PGA-ON and Golf Ontario) and displays the collaboration within our industry from all parties involved. This includes efforts by each association’s board members/directors/staff as well as everyone who was directly involved in the National Golf Day event held at Queen’s Park in May 2019. The focus of that event was to highlight the economic impact of the golf industry to the Ontario government, while also requesting changes to the IPM program … specifically the elimination of the public meeting component that all golf courses in the province dealt with annually.

In addition to the removal of the public meeting requirement there are some minor changes in the regulation that you may wish to review, specifically sections 78 and 79 of the Act. While section 78 has not changed, there are changes to section 79. Both sections deal with the posting of pesticide application signs.

Please refer to the PDF document for more detail on these changes.

The regulation in its entirety can be found on the government website here.
We will continue to send you updates if more information becomes available. Thank you and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.