PGA of Ontario Announces New Partnership with Dormie Workshop

PGA of Ontario Announces New Partnership with Dormie Workshop


The PGA of Ontario is thrilled to announce the newest partner added to its stable, Dormie Workshop, a company founded by PGA of Canada members born and raised in Nova Scotia.

Dormie has quickly developed a reputation for high-quality, personalized leather goods with designs that are unique, customizable, and in some cases, nearly impossible to replicate. This is creative artistry and intricate leather work at its finest, complimented by a passion for customer individuality.

Through this partnership, Dormie Workshop will design and produce custom headcovers for select PGA of Ontario events this season, particularly the PGA of Ontario Women’s Championship as well as for all finalists of the season-long Chapter Four-Ball Championship. Dormie will also be producing covers for all 2024 Players of the Year in each category – Apprentice, Senior, Women, and the PGA of Ontario Breenie Cup Champion.

Club Covers 450x350

“We’re stoked to be partnering with the PGA of Ontario to develop the game, encourage growth, and celebrate our 10th anniversary with some incredible events and experiences throughout the year.”, says co-founder and CEO of Dormie Workshop, Jeff Bishop.

“As we continue to build our community of players and partners, we’re proud to collaborate closely with partners and friends like Melanie and her team at the PGA of Ontario who are leading by example with collaboration and inclusivity at the forefront. We’re gearing up for our biggest year yet, and we couldn’t do it without partners like the PGA of Ontario.”.

To kick off their 10-year anniversary celebrations, Dormie is giving away their most sought-after, buzzed-about headcover of all time - a rare, custom Samurai headcover worth over $5000 USD.

Though the Samurai must be held to be truly appreciated, you can view the cover and enter to win this unique piece on their Instagram page, @dormieworkshop.

“Dormie Workshop is comprised of a talented team with a unique offering. Not only do they produce an elevated product, but their inclusive approach and innovative thinking lead to this partnership having limitless potential.”, says Melanie van der Hoop, PGA of Ontario Executive Director.

“I’m excited about the initiatives they are embarking on this year, specifically with the focus of growing and diversifying the game of golf, and highlighting some of its game-changers. This is so much more than a commitment to enrich our competitor experience; it's an alignment of values, making this a natural fit for the PGA of Ontario.”.

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Custom since day one, Dormie Workshop was created with the intention of providing fellow golfers the best custom leather golf accessories while creating an experience that lets their customers be involved in the design process.

Based on the East Coast of Canada, Dormie Workshop has been leading the leather headcover industry since breaking into the Market in 2014. Voted Best Leather Headcover 2017- 2021 and again in 2023 by Golf Digest, and Best of Everything 2022 by