Awards Committee
Awards Committee

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee will be comprised of one (1) or two (2) Board Members and the past two years award winners.  Members of the Awards Committee can not nominate any candidates.

Should a committee member be nominated and submit a package, the committee member will be removed from the voting process for that award category.



Donovan Fraser- Chair

Sarah Boyce - Vice Chair

Steve Bryant - 2019 Retailer of the Year

Dan Campbell - 2019 Professional Development Award

Sean Casey - 2020 Coach of the Year

Jim Currie - 2020 Retailer of the Year

Michael Horsley - 2019 Executive Professional of the Year

Michael Johnston - 2020 Class "A" Professional of the Year

Dustin Kerr-Taylor - 2020 Professional Development Award

Brad Lawrence - 2020 Junior Leader of the Year & 2019 Class "A" Professional of the Year

Todd McGrath - 2020 Club Professional of the Year

David Miller - 2019 Club Professional of the Year

Carla Munch-Miranda - 2019 Coach of the Year

Gareth Raflewski - 2020 Teacher of the Year

Krysta Schaus - 2020 Apprentice Professional of the Year