Retailer of the Year

The Retailer of the Year Award is designed to recognize those PGA of Ontario Professionals who have excelled as a business person and retailers in the promotion of golf.



1. Criteria to Measure

  • Demonstration of skill in planning and promotion of sales by presenting products to his/her market on a timely basis, and through the use of specialized merchandising techniques that include display and advertising.

2. Selection Process

  • Any PGA of Ontario Class “A” member in good standing meeting the outlined requirements.
  • PGA of Ontario Awards Committee will select recipient based on criteria.

3. Eligible Categories

  • All Class “A” Members in good standing excluding the following: Life Professional, Retired Professional, Past Presidents of the PGA of Canada (within the past 5 years), current PGA of Ontario Zone Board of Directors, PGA of Canada National staff and PGA of Ontario staff.


  • In order to win a National Award, the individual member must successfully complete a criminal record check with BackCheck. After successfully completing the check, the cost will be reimbursed to the member.
  • Deadline to nominate: September 1, 2020
  • Deadline to submit completed awards package: September 1, 2020