Teacher of the Year

The Teacher of the Year Award is designed to recognize a PGA of Ontario Professional who is an outstanding teacher of golf among the ranks of the PGA of Ontario membership. This award is based on a professional’s overall performance in teaching; unusual, innovative and special teaching programs initiated or implemented; articles published; as well as outstanding golfers the professional has instructed.



  • Recognized as an outstanding teacher of golf among the ranks of the PGA of Ontario membership.
  • Initiation and/or implementation of unusual, innovative and/or special teaching programs.
  • Publication of articles, books, magazines, etc.  



1. Criteria to Measure

  • Nominees must have achieved certified status in at least one context within the instruction stream of the National Coaching Certification Program for Golf in Canada (Instructor of Beginner Golfers, Instructor of Intermediate Golfers, Instructor of Advanced Golfers).
  • Overall performance in teaching at their facility, Zone and National levels.

2. Selection Process

  • Nomination should be based on a candidate’s entire past experience and commitment for continuing one’s contributions and assistance.
  • Achievements during the past five years should be emphasized.
  • PGA of Ontario Awards Committee will select a recipient based on the criteria.

3. Eligible Categories

  • All Class “A” Members in good standing excluding the following: Life Professional, Retired Professional, Past Presidents of the PGA of Canada (within the past 5 years), current PGA of Ontario Board of Directors, PGA of Canada National staff and PGA of Ontario staff.


  • Should you win the Ontario Zone Award, you will be required to successfully complete a criminal record check with Sterling BackCheck at www.sterlingbackcheck.ca/PGA-of-Canada.  After successfully completing the criminal record check, the cost will be reimbursed to the winner of the National Award by the PGA of Canada.
  • Deadline to nominate: September 1, 2020
  • Deadline to submit completed awards package: September 1, 2020