PGA of Ontario Playing Privileges

As members of the PGA of Ontario, we are lucky to hold the honour and privilege of being a guest at most PGA lead golf facilities around the country.

While green fees are often waived or significantly reduced, this perk of membership is strictly a privilege and not a right. Abuse of this privilege will not be tolerated by host professionals or the Association.

With this in mind, the following guidelines would be most valuable to keep in mind the next time you visit a facility as a guest of the host professional:

Playing Privilege Recommendations for PGA Members and Apprentice Professionals

  • Call in advance; do not show up without calling and getting prior approval.
  • If you’re invited by a guest to come play the property, you should still call in advance.
  • Speak with the Head Professional or Director of Golf personally. Apprentice Professionals should have their Head Professionals call on their behalf.
  • Expect that you may be required to pay a fee.
  • Don’t assume that additional players will be welcome at all facilities and if you are bringing guests, don’t assume that they will receive the same PGA Member discount.
  • Consult with the host professional in regards to dress code (i.e. shorts) for the facility.
  • Treat the facility as if it were your own (i.e. pick up trash, be very conscious of the policies and the staff, etc.)
  • Remember to be professional at all times: Throwing/breaking clubs, cursing out loud is NOT professional behavior.
  • Remember that private clubs may not accept cash. Be prepared.
  • Remember that you represent the host professional, the PGA of Ontario and the PGA of Canada when you are a guest at someone else’s facility.
  • When possible, make sure to stop in and say thank you and goodbye to the host professionals.
  •  Always write a thank you note to the host professional!

Please feel free to use the Visiting Professional Request Form as a tool for your own use.