Carson Hau

Carson Hau

Class "A" Professional at The Golf Lab

2022 PGA of Ontario Teacher of the Year

2022 PGA of Canada George Knudson Teacher of the Year


1. What did it mean for you to be the recipient of the PGA of Ontario Teacher of the Year award this past season?

I can't begin to express my excitement for winning this award.  Eight years ago I made the choice to change careers and attend Georgian College for the Golf Industry Management program as a mature student and this justifies that I made the right decision! 

2. What are you currently working on at The Golf Lab?

At the moment we are collecting data on how golfers apply pressure to the grip during the golf swing, and determining how/why better golfers swing the club compared to other amateurs. We've seen a lot of new patterns emerge from our data and are working on different ways to coach with this information. We've also had academies open in Asia, so have been busy training new staff and exposing them to the new technologies we use.

3.  What are some career accomplishments you are most proud of?

I have previously been named the winner of the 2019 PGA of Ontario Apprentice Professional of the Year which is a prestigious award to win.  I have also been a Swing Catalyst Ambassador as well as a Foresight Sports Ambassador.

4.  What are your long-term goals within the golf industry?

My hope is to educate coaches and players to look at the golf swing from a different perspective. I think it's really cool to be able to influence change by talking about things like grip pressure, and grip strength, or ground force. I just want to be included in the conversation as one of the people that helped shift the old guard into the modern golf swing. I hope to be an inspiration to anyone that wants to be a coach or fitter that didn't grow up in this great game. I was a competitive hockey player my whole life and didn't find golf until I was 17, but instantly fell in love. There have been a lot of people that said I started too late and can't be a leader in a sport that I didn't grow up with. I think I've accomplished a lot in the industry and I hope to continue to help change the mindset and push the boundaries of golf.