Doug Lawrie

Doug Lawrie

Head Teaching Professional at Focus Golf Group/Glencairn Golf Club

2022 PGA of Ontario Coach of the Year 

2022 PGA of Canada Ben Kern Coach of the Year


1. What did it mean for you to be recognized on the provincial and National stage as Coach of the Year?

My career path has led me to so many different areas of this golf business, and I am extremely thankful for this award. I taught almost 400 students in the Niagara College Golf Management Program and that was a really enjoyable time for 16 years. I continue to have a great relationship with some of the kids who are well on their way to respectable careers, so this award is a direct reflection of my work. I will continue to help others forge their path and keep moving forward in their career however I can.

2. What do you hope to accomplish this season?

I want to continue to focus on coaching with my students to help them get better!

I work with about 20 high performance juniors focusing on their roadmap, goal-setting, window pane exercises and continue to help them with the right system to help them achieve their goals. Fitness and mental training are also important skills I want to educate my students about in the future. I am currently working at Glencairn Golf Club and am really enjoying it!

3. What are some of your long-term goals?

I just finished my 23rd year as a Class "A" professional and its a pretty cool accomplishment, being 30 years in this golf business and observing how so much has changed. This game is due for a bigger change in how professionals are compensated. The EDI task-force that the PGA of Canada started is fantastic, but the stuff with junior golf is what tugs at my heart. In the future, if there is a way I can help shape the development of junior golf in this country, that is my long term goal! One last thing, I would also like to find a place in the winter where I can coach my students where its sunny and not so cold outside!