Emma De Groot

Emma de Groot

Teaching Professional at Modern Golf (Oakville)

2022 PGA of Canada Brooke Henderson Female Player of the Year


1. What did it mean for you to be the recipient of the National award as Female Player of the year this past season?

Winning the PGA of Canada Female Player of the Year was a huge honour. There are so many incredible females in our organization, and the competition continues to get stronger and stronger. Continuing to compete at a high level is important to me, and it was a huge accomplishment to be named player of the year.

2. What do you hope to accomplish this season in your respective field?

I am always looking to better myself as a teacher, mentor, and coach. My goal for this season is to continue to develop my skills, and help people enjoy the game more no matter what level they strive to reach. 

3. What are some of your long-term goals in the golf industry?

I would love to work with young and motivated junior girls, to help develop their game and help them reach their goals. I would also like to contribute to growing the game and make it more accessible for females of all ages.