Victor Ciesielski

Apprentice Professional at Galt Country Club Limited

2022 PGA of Ontario Player of the Year


1. What did it mean for you to be the PGA of Ontario Player of the Year?

Being the Breenie Cup winner and PGA of Ontario Player of the Year is a great honour. Mr. Breen won over 170 tournaments in his career which is an impressive number of trophies. I’m proud of my play and consistency from the 2022 season.

2. What do you hope to accomplish this season?

I’m excited about the competitive season and what's in store this year as I plan on playing all the PGA of Ontario and Canada events. We have a great line up of courses this season!

With regards to instruction, I’m excited to continue working with all my clients including the competitive junior programs I coach. Also adult lessons from beginner players helping them achieve their goals to prospective tour players maintaining status and elevating their game to compete in the biggest events in North America.

3. What are some of your long-term goals in the golf industry?

My long-term goals would be for my instruction and playing career to run on parallel paths. I’d love to stay competitive and continue playing events throughout my career. Now with instruction being my main focus, it’s challenging to find time to compete. I’m looking forward to juggling everything I love most on and off the course, until I find my path to a full life. (I’m getting old, younger me would have said to collect every trophy I can! Haha!).