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Building a Culture of Wellness (Part 2)
Ontario Zone Education
January 20, 2021 1:00:00 PM
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January 20, 2021
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Building a culture of wellness at work is one of the key components of a successful organization, as it results in lasting payoffs such as decreased stress, increased energy, higher productivity and lower attrition.

A successful wellness and health program starts with a commitment from leadership, and its continued success depends on ongoing support at all levels of the organization by integrating health into the organization’s overall vision and purpose. This workshop is designed to enhance healthy outcomes, create a renewed sense of physical and emotional fitness, reduce stress, build resiliency, promote healthy communication through tools and strategies that can improve workplace, team and individual health.

We will explore:

  • what contributes to good emotional and physical health for self and team;
  • healthy team habits and developing strategies for establishing and maintaining those habits;
  • healthy communication – communicating with influence and impact at all levels to support the wellness of your team; and
  • resiliency and building a resilience plan for self and team.

* This is a 2 part series

PGA of Ontario members in good standing attending the webinar in real-time will receive 3 Professional Recognition Program points.

Facilitated by CareerJoy


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