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Courageous Conversations - Part 1
Ontario Zone Education
December 7, 2021 10:00:00 AM
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December 7, 2021
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Everyone wants to walk away from a conversation feeling engaged, inspired, connected and like they have been understood. There is no reason why all conversations - even challenging ones - should not conclude with goodwill and actions that people can live with. Even a respectful difference of opinion can open the door to great future conversations and opportunities.

The risks of poor communication or avoiding courageous conversations are inaction, wrong actions, ineffectiveness, conflict, strained relationships, duplication of effort, resistance and poor morale. It becomes easy to see then, that not having that conversation is a much greater risk than having it.

Benefits in the workplace include:

  • increasing trust, honesty and transparency within your team and diverse relationships;
  • more responsiveness to positive changes needed in the workplace

Webinar: 90 minutes

Learning Outcomes

  • develop self-awareness, skills, and behaviours that lead to having Courageous Conversations;
  • build a culture where neurodiversity is celebrated, people feel respected, use their voice, collaborate and problem-solve;
  • practice techniques and strategies aimed at increasing interpersonal resilience and navigating challenging situations with increased skill and confidence.

* This is a 2 part series

PGA of Ontario members in good standing attending the webinar in real-time will receive 3 Professional Recognition Program points.

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