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Increasing ball speed for amateur golfers and factors in repeatability of ball striking
Ontario Zone Education
March 22, 2023 1:00:00 PM
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March 22, 2023
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Increasing ball speed for amateur golfers and factors in repeatability of ball striking with Nick Clearwater

  • 3D swing motions that contribute to faster swings for amateur golfers by using Tour player swing data.
  • Methods and how to teach golfers to use the ground more effectively to swing faster with Champions Tour winner Mike Weir swing examples.
  • How to practice with amateurs to improve their shot consistency and the variables you can easily control in each lesson.
  • Why training a single ball flight pattern to amateurs is superior to several shot shapes.
  • Practice games to refine shot pattern consistency.


Nick Clearwater, PGA
Senior Vice President of Player Development for GOLFTEC

  • Colorado PGA Teacher of the Year (2020 & 2022)
  • Golf Digest ranked #22 Teacher in America
  • GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher
  • PGA Tour Instructor for 16 consecutive years – Coached 40+ Full Time PGA Tour players
  • Golf Digest Best Young Teacher
  • Golf Digest #1 Best in State of Colorado Teacher since 2016

Nick creates, manages, and leads a team that systematically trains the knowledge base that GOLFTEC’s 1,100+ Coaches use every day to teach almost 2 million golf lessons a year. He manages GOLFTEC’s Teaching Quality Team of (7) Directors of Teaching Quality that execute all Coach education and continuing education including: full swing, short game, putting, club fitting, sales training, and course strategy. He also manages the Rocky Mountain Consortium for Sports Research Team of PHD Biomechanists that create software applications behind GOLFTEC’s OptiMotion system using 1 or 2 cameras to create 3D measurements that have been used in over 6 million lessons and counting.

Nick also manages the product creation of forward-facing Student and Coaching products with a focus on R&D, testing, and determining features used in GOLFTEC’s App including automated swing capture, on-course GPS, data integration, and upcoming features.
Additionally, Nick writes, directs, produces, executes video and editorial content of 300+ placements per year with Golf Digest, Golf Channel, as well as GOLFTEC’s social and YouTube channels.

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