2023 Award Program Key Changes


We are delighted to announce the start of the 2023 awards season, and we couldn't be more thrilled to share some important updates with you.

The PGA of Ontario Awards Committee, Board of Directors, and Zone Staff have gone to great lengths to make our Awards Program less subjective and more transparent in process. As we launch this year’s nomination period, we believe now is the time to share the work we’ve done and some changes we will be implementing that allow us to offer this program to everyone.

Our Co-Chairs of the Awards Committee, Sarah Boyce and Cameron Cox, have put some serious consideration into rewriting the awards packages to have them better highlight the great work our Professionals are doing, and to facilitate the process of completing a nomination package for consideration by the Awards Committee.

We have also made some adjustments to our eligibility criteria to align with our National office, to ensure our Zone award recipients maintain eligibility for National awards. The changes we are adopting focus on promoting inclusivity and engagement with our awards program, and will help us to identify the most deserving candidates for each award.

Some key changes taking effect this year:

  • Retailer of the Year: We have decided to transform this award from an individual accolade to a team recognition. We recognize that retail operations are collaborative efforts, where the entire team managing the operation plays a significant role. In alignment with other zones, this award will now be accepted on behalf of the retail facility. We would like to emphasize that this award is open to all golf facilities with a focus on retail.
  • Award Eligibility: In efforts to remove barriers to participation, and to ensure that the most deserving award recipients are duly recognized, we have made some modifications to our eligibility criteria across all awards. In line with the PGA of Canada, we have expanded the pool of eligible candidates to include Members who may serve on our committees, Board of Directors, Zone staff, and previous award winners. Stringent parameters have been put in place to ensure fair consideration for each nomination, designed to eliminate any biases, preferences, or conflicts within the voting and scoring processes.
  • Additionally, we would like to reiterate that an individual can be the recipient of multiple awards if they are deemed the most deserving candidate, as we believe in acknowledging excellence across various categories.

"We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support for the 2023 awards season. We are confident that these changes will bring about a significant enhancement, providing us with an excellent opportunity to showcase the exceptional golf professionals within our Association." said Cameron Cox, awards committee co-chair. "We look forward to an exciting awards season ahead!".

If you are interested in learning more about the awards process, the makeup of the Awards Committee, or how to participate in the program, we encourage you to visit the PGA of Ontario website or contact our Awards Committee Co-Chairs: Sarah Boyce and Cameron Cox.