Professional Recognition Program

The PGA of Ontario Professional Recognition Program (PRP) recognizes individual PGA Members who make a significant contribution to the Association and the overall well-being of fellow members. This point-driven program is based on being active within the industry through various forms of professional development, education, industry contributions, community involvement and tournament play.
Through this initiative, the PGA of Ontario will acknowledge the Association's Top 100 Golf Professionals each year, awarding the designation to those finishing among the first 100 positions on the PRP Leaderboard.
Each Top 100 Professional will receive a customized email signature to recognize their accomplishments and contributions this year.
In addition to recognizing the Top 100 Professionals, the PGA of Ontario will offer cash prizes as an added incentive to the top 5 point earners for this year's program. Total cash prizes will equal $5000.
An online form has been created for members to submit a request for points to the PGA office for participation in a PGA Partner Program and/or external education workshop. Members are encouraged to submit the online form within seven days of completion of eligible events.
To submit a request for points, please complete the form, then email supporting documentation to Supporting documentation may consist of proof of registration, certificate of participation or completion, etc.
The Top 5 point earners as well as the Top 100 will be recognized annually at the PGA of Ontario Awards Celebration in October.

Moving forward, points will accumulate from October 15 to October 14 annually.

What’s your first opportunity to collect points?

Members can begin accumulating points for the 2021 Professional Recognition Program as soon as the previous program ends!  Meaning you can never stop earning points!

Please note that Professional Recognition Points will only be awarded to members in good standing.